Committee on Materials and Pavements

AASHTO Liaisons
Casey Soneira, Program Manager for Engineering
Chad Clawson, AASHTO Engineering Fellow

COMP Technical Subcommittee 4d – Safety Devices 

AASHTO Designation No. Title
M 30-15 Metallic-Coated Steel Wire Rope and Fittings for Highway Guardrail
M 180-12 (2017) Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams for Highway Guardrail
M 181-10 (2015) Chain-Link Fence
M 268-15 Retroreflective Sheeting for Flat and Vertical Traffic Control Applications
M 269-96 (2018) Turnbuckles and Shackles
M 279-14 (2018) Metallic-Coated, Steel Woven Wire Fence Fabric
M 280-14 (2018) Metallic-Coated (Carbon) Steel Barbed Wire
M 281-96 (2018) Steel Fence Posts and Assemblies, Hot-Wrought
M 290-96 (2018) Acrylic Prismatic Reflectors and Embossed Aluminum Frames for Signs
M 333-16 Detectable Warning Surfaces
T 257-96 (2018) Instrumental Photometric Measurements of Retroreflective Materials and Retroreflective Devices
TP 103-13 (2018) Detectable Warning Systems