Committee on Materials and Pavements

AASHTO Liaisons
Casey Soneira, Program Manager for Engineering
Chad Clawson, AASHTO Engineering Fellow

COMP Technical Subcommittee 4c – Markings and Coatings

AASHTO Designation No. Title
M 133-12 (2016) Preservatives and Pressure Treatment Processes for Timber
M 143-14 (2018) Sodium Chloride
M 144-14 (2018) Calcium Chloride
M 233-86 (2014) Boiled Linseed Oil Mixture for Treatment of Portland Cement Concrete
M 235M/M 235-13 (2018) Epoxy Resin Adhesives
M 237-96 (2014) Epoxy Resin Adhesives for Bonding Traffic Markers to Hardened Portland Cement and Asphalt Concrete
M 247-13 (2018) Glass Beads Used in Pavement Markings
M 249-12 (2016) White and Yellow Reflective Thermoplastic Striping Material (Solid Form)
M 300-03 (2017) Inorganic Zinc-Rich Primer
R 31-09 (2014) Evaluation of Protective Coating Systems for Structural Steel
T 143-13 (2017) Sampling and Testing Calcium Chloride for Roads and Structural Applications
T 237-05 (2014) Testing Epoxy Resin Adhesive
T 250-05 (2014) Thermoplastic Traffic Line Material
T 333-07 (2017) Linear Coefficient of Shrinkage on Cure of Adhesive Systems
T 337-09 (2014) Non-Instrumental Determination of Metallic Zinc in Zinc-Rich Primers
T 338-09 (2014) Analysis of Structural Steel Coatings for Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS)
T 339-10 (2015) Analysis of Structural Steel Coatings for Isocyanate Content
T 346-13 (2017) Glass Beads Used in Pavement Markings
MP 24-15 (2018) Waterborne White and Yellow Traffic Paints
PP 73-13 (2018) Quality Assurance, Job Site Quality Control, and Reapplication of Protective Sealers for Portland Cement Concrete
PP 74-13 (2018) Determination of Size and Roundness of Glass Beads Used in Traffic Markings by Means of Computerized Optical Method
PP 79-14 (2018) High-Friction Surface Treatment for Asphalt and Concrete Pavements
TP 96-13 (2018) Protective Sealers for Portland Cement Concrete
TP 106-13 (2015) Determination of Heavy Metal Content of Glass Beads Using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)
TP 111-14 (2018) Measuring Retroreflectivity of Pavement Marking Materials Using a Mobile Retroreflectivity Unit
TP 130-18 Producing Draw Down Panels and Measuring the Coefficient of Retroreflected Luminance (RL) of Pavement Markings in a Laboratory Panel