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Award Categories​

Achievement Award | Service Award | Technical Section Award of Appreciation | Materials Innovation Award |​

Achievement Award
This award is given to a Technical Section, a Task Force or an individual who has performed exemplary service during the year furthering the work of the COMP with national impact. In any given year there can be no recipient, one recipient or more than one recipient depending on the nominations received and voting.

Nominations should include the name of the group or person along with a brief description of why they should be given the award. The nominations will be voted on by the Executive Committee.

Award group/recipient will receive a plaque at the COMP Annual Meeting.

Achievement Award

2019 – James Williams III (MS)
2018 – No awards
2017 – Mark Felag (RI), Andy Babish (VA)
2016 – James Williams (MS), Bob Burnett (NY), and Fred Hejl (TRB)
2015 – William (Bill) Ahearn (VT)​ and Eileen Sheehy (NJ)
2014 – Georgene Geary (GA)​
2013 – None given
2012 – Jack Springer (FHWA)
2011 – AASHTO-ASTM TS 3a Harmonization Task Group

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Service Award
This award is given to a member who has been a Technical Section chair for at least 4 years of service upon retirement or as directed by the Executive Board of the Subcommittee.

Lyndi Blackburn (AL)
Chris Peoples (NC)
Don Streeter (NY)
Scott Andrus (UT)

2018 – No Awards

Ron Horner (ND)
Bob Horwhat (PA)

Colin Franco (RI)

None given

Alan Rawson (NH)

Mostafa (Moe) Jamshidi (NE)
Frederick (Rick) Harvey (WY)
Milton (Milt) Fletcher (SC)
Grant Levi (ND)- Past Chair
Mark Felag (RI) – Past Vice-Chair

Bruce Yeaton (ME)
Jeff Seiders (TX)

Larry Lockett (AL)

Ken Kobetsky (AASHTO)

Cecil Jones (NC)
Henry Lacinak (LA)
Roger Till (MI)

Keith Lane (CT)
Peter Spellerberg (AMRL)

Guy Cautillo (ON)
Tim Aschenbrener (CO)

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Committee/Technical Section Award of Appreciation
This award is given by the Committee or a Technical Section to a Task Force or individual who has performed exemplary service to the COMP. In any given year there can be no recipient, one recipient or more than one recipient.

Task Forces or individuals for this award can either be nominated or chosen by the Executive Committee or Technical Section. Awards will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee (for the Committee Award of Appreciation) or the Technical Section (for the Technical Section Award of Appreciation).

Award recipient(s) will receive a framed certificate at the COMP Annual Meeting.

2019 -Jim Dunne (FHWA retired)

Donald Streeter (NY)
Bill Bailey (VA)
Mark Felag (RI)
Paul Tennis (PCS)

Reynolds Toney (OK)
John Melander (

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Materials Innovation ​Award
This award is given to an individual in recognition of contributions made for the completion of a successful Department of Transportation project.  The criteria for which the level of innovation will be based are whether the project was under budget, the best use of innovation, or improved the quality of life/community development​.

Nominations should be submitted for the projects completed within the previous calendar year and may come from both members and non-members (non-members should be affiliated with a transportation organization), Technical Sections, and Executive Council.

Award recipient(s) will receive a framed certificate at the COMP Annual Meeting.

2016 – Isaac Howard (Mississippi State University), Brennan Anderson (Mississippi State University), and William Sullivan (MS)

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