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The 2016 Subcommittee on Materials Annual Meeting

Greenville, SC | July 31-August 5, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency | Registration and Information

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The 2016 Subcommittee on Materials Annual Meeting

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The AASHTO Materials Book contains specifications, test methods, and provisional standards commonly used in the construction of highway facilities.

The 2016 Edition is available as a one-year online subscription. When you subscribe, you will automatically receive access to all updates published during your subscription period, as well as access to recent past editions, with changes between editions highlighted for ease of reference.

The Materials Book is updated three times per year, in mid-April, mid-June, and mid-August.

  • The April release updates the sections on Hydraulic Cements, Concrete, Concrete-Related Materials, Pavement Serviceability, Environmental Quality, and Quality Assurance.
  • The  June release updates the sections on General Manufactured Materials.
  • The August release updates the sections on Geotechnical, Bituminous Materials, and Mixtures.

For more information about this publication, or to purchase a copy, visit the AASHTO Bookstore online at, or directly link here: