NEW PUBLICATION RELEASES: Materials Book and Provisional Standards
AASHTO has released the new editions of Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, 34th Edition (The Materials Book) and the AASHTO Provisional Standards, 2014 Edition (AASHTO Provisional Standards). The Materials Book contains a total of 403 materials specifications and test methods, including 63 revised and 7 new. The AASHTO Provisional Standards a total of 66 provisional standards, including 8 revised and 13 new. For more information about these publications, or to purchase copies, visit the AASHTO Bookstore online at
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AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials Annual Meeting<br/>July 27 - August 1, 2014<br/>Minneapolis, MN<br/><a href= 

 Details still available on the official website for the 2014 Subcommittee on Materials Annual Meeting