For further information on the AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials....

Moe Jamshidi
Deputy Director - Operations
Nebraska Department of Roads, (402) 479-4671

Vice Chair:
Curt Turgeon
State Pavement Engineer
Minnesota Department of Transportation, (651) 366-5535
Jack Springer
Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
Federal Highway Administration 493-3144 
AASHTO Liaison: 
Evan Rothblatt
Associate Program Manager, Materials 
AASHTO 624-3648 
Regional Vice Chairs:
Region 1 -​
Rick Bradbury
Materials Testing and Exploration
Maine Department of Transportation
Region 2 -
James Williams
State Materials Engineer
Mississippi DOT, (601) 359-7007
Region 3 -
Lisa Zigmund
Office of Materials Management
Ohio Department of Transportation
Region 4 -
Scott Andrus
Engineer for Materials
Utah DOT, (801) 965-4859
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